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Pharmacies offer several brands of home pregnancy tests.

A few common brands are:

  • Clearblue (クリアブルー) 
  • Check One (チェックワン) 
  • P-Check (P-チェック)
  • Do test (ドゥーテスト)

If you are pregnant and intend to give birth in Japan, you must register your pregnancy at your municipal office. You will receive a Mother and Child Handbook, which will record the course of your pregnancy and your baby's growth and immunization until age 6. You will need to bring this handbook with you to all related doctor visits.

Read more about prenatal care here.

Maternity Leave and Compensation Edit

CLAIR's contract includes unpaid maternity leave, but your Contracting Organization may not have included unpaid leave in their own Terms and Conditions. Review your contract carefully.

Read one Tokyo couple's experience with trying to get childcare leave. The article is from AJET Connect Magazine Japan #66 December 2017:

Maternity Allowance 出産手当金

When you are on maternity leave, your National (Social) Health Insurance will cover approximately 60% of your standard remuneration for 42 days prior to the expected delivery date (plus any days after the date if the birth is overdue) and 56 days after delivery, provided you are not employed or receiving other wages at the time.

To receive this allowance, you must submit an application. Contact your school's office staff for further details.

Lump-sum Payment of Childbirth and Childcare 出産育児一時金

When a National (Social) Health Insurance member gives birth, a lump sum birth allowance of 420,000 yen may be paid if requested.

To receive this payment, you must submit an application at your city/ward office.

Birth Control Edit

The most common form of female contraception in Japan is the pill. Diaphrams and IUDs are not common in Japan and may be very expensive.

To obtain birth control, you must visit a gynecologist. Birth control pills are often not covered by insurance and may cost 2,000 to 3,000 yen per pack. If you were taking birth control prior to your move to Japan, please know that pill options are still limited in Japan and you may not be able to receive the same prescription. In any case, please bring a copy of your current prescription for the gynecologist to review.

If you are planning on sending birth control from your home, please know that only one month may be sent at a time and you must include a note from your doctor and a copy of your prescription in the package.

Emergency contraception / the "morning-after pill" is available at some family-planning clinics and general hospitals. More information can be found on this document created by Primary Care Tokyo.

Abortion Edit

Abortion is legal in Japan for patients with "economic and social reasons" in their first trimester. A written consent form submitted by both the patient and their partner is required. Although the procedure is legal, it is not covered by Japanese Health Insurance. Costs range from 100,000 yen to 200,000 yen and may be required to be paid in cash.

The abortion pill is not an option in Japan at this time.

Between 7-10 weeks, the abortion will be completed as an outpatient surgery. After 12 weeks, the patient will need to be hospitalized and it will be more difficult to find a hospital or clinic that will perform the procedure.

Japan Healthcare Info is a healthcare organization that assists foreigners living in Japan. The organization offers advice and information on various health-related issues, including abortion and contraception.
== Useful Terms == From the Sendai JET website:

  • Menstruation - gekkei/seiri 月経、生理 
  • Menstrual cramps - seiri tsu 生理痛 
  • Menstrual irregularity - seiri fujun 生理不順 
  • Inflammation of bladder - bokoen 膀胱炎 
  • Yeast infection - iisutokin kansen byo イースト菌感染病 
  • Candida - kanjita カンジタ 
  • Vaginal discharge - orimono おりもの 
  • STD - seibyo 性病 
  • Hemorrhage - fusei shukketsu 不正出血 
  • Breast lump - chibusa no shikori 乳房のしこり 
  • Breast cancer - nyugan 乳癌 
  • Morning sickness - tsuwari つわり 
  • Pregnancy - ninshin 妊娠 
  • Miscarriage - ryuzan 流産 
  • Abortion - chuzetsu 中絶 
  • Birth Control - hinin 避妊

Tokyo Clinics Edit

Primary Care Tokyo - please refer to Dr. Kurosu (certified in the United States and Japan) (Phone: 03-5432-7177)

Tomoko Ladies Clinic (Phone: 03-5771-3991)

Nagahashi Ladies Clinic (Phone: 03-3959-0351)

STI clinic and gynaecologist - K Ladies Clinic Shinjuku (Phone: 03-3343-9555)

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