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Help Students Write Valentine`s Day Poems!!

The students will learn basic idea of how to rhyme and apply that to "Roses are Red".



  1. Introduce the original "Roses are Red" poem.
  2. Explain "rhyme" (words that end with the same sound)
  3. Walk the students through the "How to Write" section of the worksheet.
    1. Who is the poem for?
    2. What sound does that end with?
    3. What does it rhyme with?
    4. etc.
  4. Have the students write their own poems.
  5. Have the students share their poems with a partner and/or with the class.


  • For a challenge: Have the students share their poems and vote on the best one!
  • For an easier time: Write a poem or two together on the board. Elicit sentences from the students.
  • For an easier time: Create a word list on the board of rhyming words. Elicit words from the students.


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