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The Fork Game's main goal is to work on pronunciation and listening to words that sound similar to the student (ex. love and rub). This is a game I use for club and the kids always have fun with it.


  • Fork Game: Word List

File:The Fork Game.docx

  • The Fork Game Power Point (can use one attached or make your own)File:The Fork Game!.pptx
  • Forks! (You can use these or just have students use their hands)


  1. Pass out The Fork Game Word List to the students
  2. Go over the pronunciation of every word on the list. Be sure to stop and take time to explain the position of your tongue or draw it on the board. This helps a lot. Also ask students if there are words they do not know and explain them.
  3. I then go through the list and say one of each of the words having students circle the word they think I say. You can have them count how many they got correct if you like.
  4. Next, split the students into two teams.
  5. One person from each team should come up to the board and stand on either side of the PowerPoint.
  6. Each slide of the PowerPoint for Round 1 should have a single word pairing on it. You say a word and they have to point to the correct one. The team who is the fastest and correct gets a point.
  7. Do this for all words.
  8. In round 2 I put 4 word pairs on one slide and say one for them to point at. Same point system applies.


  • For a challenge: Say the words more quickly
  • For an easier time: Say the words more slowly and clearly