Elections for TJET Executive Committee take place twice a year in September and March.


The Polls are Open

Voting for the 2018 Spring-Summer Session of TJET Executive Committee is open!!

The Process

Twice a year, nominations are accepted for ALL TJET Executive Committee Chair positions (President, Vice President, Social, Information, and Professional Development). Any current Tokyo JET is welcome to nominate themselves or another current Tokyo JET. Nominations are open for ONE WEEK in the spring and fall.

After nominations have been collected, nominated JETs are contacted and are asked if they would like to accept nomination. Upon accepting, they will be asked to provide a single paragraph statement of purpose.

Then elections are opened for ONE WEEK during which any current Tokyo JET is welcome to vote. After the week is up, the winners are announced on the Wiki and Facebook page.

At the following TJET meeting, both incumbent and newly elected chairs attend and newly elected chairs learn how to conduct business before the position is officially passed on in the next month.