This is one of our Tokyo JET Lesson Plans

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This is a short warm-up activity designed to get the students speaking as much as they can while giving them concrete proof of their own improvement every week.

Good for any class size or English level. Students only have to think about speaking more than they did last time.



  1. Show the speaking prompt of the board. This can be anything relevant to your students' level.
    1. "Introduce Yourself"
    2. "Who is in your family?"
    3. "What is your favorite season?"
    4. "What did you do this weekend?"
    5. "How do you get to school?"
    6. "Do you prefer to wear school uniform or casual clothes to school?"
    7. "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"
    8. For more discussion topics try: ESL and
  2. [3 Minutes] Give students preparation time to think about their ideas. They can take notes on a piece of paper. Discourage students from writing full sentences. They should only write keywords.
  3. Make Pairs
  4. [Round One - 1 minute]
    1. Student A looks at their notes and speaks about the topic for as much as they can in one minute.
    2. Student B listens carefully to the speech and, using the Counter Sheet, counts the number of words spoken by their partner. (This may sound difficult at first, but remember that Student A is also speaking at an EFL learner's pace.)
    3. After 1 minute (or allotted time), Student B tells Student A how many words they spoke and Student A records the number on their WPM Record Sheet along with the date and topic.
  5. [Round Two - 1 minute] Switch roles and repeat.
  6. At the end of the activity, ask for a show of hands to see how many students spoke more words than they themselves spoke last week. (The only person they have to defeat is themselves!) Congratulate the students and move on to your lesson.


  • Recycle the topics as journal writing homework for extra practice.
  • For an extra challenge: Extend the speaking time -- advanced students will find 2 minutes or more a fun challenge.
  • For an easier time: Reduce the speaking time -- beginners may be able to speak a sentence or two in 30 seconds.
  • For an easier time: Allow students 1-2 minutes of practice time where they can practice speaking about their topic quietly to themselves before sharing with a partner.


This is my JTE's activity -- uploaded with permission.