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This TJET committee term (Fall 2018) our goal is to highlight and focus on the TJET Wikia as your main source of information

We want you to keep up with TJET Wikia in the most convenient way possible for you. You can choose your choice of platform from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even the monthly Wiki newsletter via email

This way you can see announcements from the TJET Wikia in the way that suits you best!

Twitter Instagram Facebook
Information from TJET Committee & PAs Yes Yes Yes
News about Public Social Events No Yes Yes
Posts by other Tokyo JETs and alumni No No Yes

Instagram Edit


We launched not one but two Instagram accounts! This is so you could seperate important news and announcements for Tokyo JETs from Daily Life posts. Check it out!

Sharing 📣 important for a Tokyo JET @TJETInfo


Sharing 📷 of life as a Tokyo JET with the 🌏 @TJET_Life

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Keep up to date with TJET news and announcements via our NEW Twitter page. Perfect if you have a preference for this social media platform and want only the main posts and important information for Tokyo JETs

Facebook Edit

Facebook has been our main social media platform for a while! The Tokyo JET community can post questions and thoughts on our Tokyo JET Facebook page alongside TJET news and update posts. This platform is perfect if you like a range of posts and information outside of the main TJET Wikia announcements

We have many Facebook interest and information groups related to being a JET in Tokyo and in Japan. Please find a list of these groups below:

TJET General GroupsEdit

TJET Zone GroupsEdit

  • Downtown JETs Bunkyo, Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Nakano, Suginami, Shibuya, Shinjuku
  • North Central Tokyo JETs Adachi, Arakawa, Higashi-Kurume, Higashi-Murayama, Itabashi, Kita, Kiyose, Kodaira, Koganei, Kokubunji, Kunitachi, Mitaka, Musashino, Nerima, Nishi-Tokyo, Toshima
  • West Tokyo JETs Akiruno, Akishima, Fussa, Hamura, Higashi-yamato, Hinode, Hinohara, Mizuho, Musashi-murayama, Okutama, Ome, Tachikawa

Interest GroupsEdit

JET Support GroupsEdit

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Subscribe and keep up to date via email with our monthly review of important info and updates from the Wiki. Perfect for JETs who want to receive important info automatically each month.

See also: The TJET Useful Links page