You will receive a payslip every month when your salary is transferred to your bank account. It is highly recommended that you save all of your payslips lest you run into any issues regarding your Income Tax, Residence Tax, or pension refund.

How to Read Your PayslipEdit

Depending on your contracting organization, your payslip may or may not have English translations. Please see below for annotated versions of payslips from Public and Private schools.

Useful VocabularyEdit

  • Allowance = 支給 (しきゅう, shikyuu
  • Salary = 給与 (きゅうよ, kyuuyo
  • Deductions = 控除 (こうじょ, koujo
  • Sum, Total = 額 (がく, gaku
  • Sum, Total = 合計 (ごうけい, goukei
  • Tax / Taxable = 課税 (かぜい, kazei
  • Nontaxed / Tax Exempt = 非課税 (ひかぜい, hi-kazei
  • Income Tax = 所得税 (しょとくぜい, shotoku-zei
  • Residence Tax = 住民税 (じゅうみんぜい, jumin-zei
  • Social Insurance Payments = 社会保険料 (しゃかいほけんりょう, shakai hoken ryou
    • Pension Insurance = 厚生年金 (こうせいねんきん, kousei nenkin
    • Health Insurance = 健康保険 (けんこうほけん, kenkou hoken
    • "Salary Installment" (Pension + Health Insurances) = 給与掛金 (きゅうよかけきん, kyuuyo kakekin
    • Employment Insurance = 雇用保険 (こようほけん, koyou hoken

Income Tax Withholding StatementEdit

In addition to your monthly paychecks, you will receive a white Income Tax Withholding Statement (kyuyo shotoku gensen choshu hyo, 給与所得源泉徴収票) every January. This unassuming slip of paper is vastly important for Filing U.S. Taxes and calculating your Income Tax and Residence Tax. Keep this paper for your records.

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