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Guessing game to supplement Lesson 7 and teach students more about The Netherlands. The guessing aspect encourages students to participate more, rather than being concerned if they are right or wrong.


  • One "T" and one "F"sign for each group
  • One worksheet for each group (attached below.)

File:Netherlands game.docx


1. Divide students up into 10 teams of 4

2. Pass out question sheet and “T” and “F” papers (one per group)

3. Give students time to answer questions as a team. Some answers are in the textbook/ worksheet, others they will have to guess.(5-10 mins)

4. Read\go through questions one by one. Teams will hold up T or F sign based on their groups' answer. (JET or JTE keep count on the board how many groups think T or F for each question, also record score) (10-15 minutes.)

5. Give students correct (one by one) answer and explain.

6. Each correct answer equals 1 point

7. Team with the most points wins Questions: 1. The Dutch people are the tallest in the world T - Average height of 1.838m

2. Their national anthem is the oldest in the world T - Het Wilhelmus written in 1500s

3. The official national color is blue F - Orange, the color of the royal family known as the house of orange

4. They have some of the best cheese in the world T - They have won the prize for world’s best cheese and are the second biggest exporter of cheese in the world

5. They drink the most coffee in the world F - Dutch are second to the Scandinavians (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark)

6. Tulips are a native flower of the Netherlands F - Tulips are originally from Turkey, brought to the Netherlands in 16th century

7. There are more bikes than people T

8. All Dutch people are from Europe F - Three islands in the Caribbean also make up part of The Netherlands

9. They are the best (nonnative) English speakers in the world T - Between 90 and 93% are able to converse in English

10. Their favorite candy is licorice T - Each person eats nearly 2 kg per year

11. Much of the land in the Netherlands was originally under the sea T - They used thousands of windmills to pump out the water

12. The exchange between the Dutch and the Japanese began in 1500 F - In 1600 a Dutch vessel arrived in Usuki Bay in Oita prefecture


Same format can be used for any country.

  • For an easier time: (prepare a passage about The Netherlands with all the answers written somewhere in the passage.)


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