Welcome incoming JETs! How do you feel coming into Tokyo?

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So you got Tokyo? Edit

"Wait!" you squeak, "I thought getting Tokyo was impossible on the JET Program!"

It's true! For the majority of the JET Program's nearly 40 year life, Tokyo has been largely considered off-limits. But in 2014, in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the JET Program saw a rapid expansion in Tokyo. Within the span of 2 years, the number of JET participants in the capital city increased from a mere 10 people to nearly 400!!

Grand sprawling cityscapes, iconic big city lights, impressive diverse modern crowds – in many ways, the Tokyo JET experience is unlike any other that you will find in Japan. Whereas some of your friends from Keio Plaza orientation will be shipped off to the isolated rural areas of the country where their living arrangements and pastimes are limited, Tokyo JETs have the unique ability to customize nearly everything about their new lives abroad.

You will have the luxury of choosing your own apartment or share house, which you can furnish and decorate to suit your personal taste. (No trashy futons leftover from 7 years ago!) Your options for spending your free time are endless – sports, arts, social clubs, shopping, nightlife, travel, hiking, Geocaching, drift races, onsen, snake cafes – you can find almost anything your heart desires. Excited yet?

Not to mention Tokyo JETs have the largest social groups in the entire JET program with nearly 400 JET participants living all over the Tokyo Metropolitan area!

Over the coming months, we’ll be helping new JETs settle in and find banks, cell phones, internet, furnishings, etc. Once the hectic move-ins are complete, we’ll be holding social events for new and current JETs to meet.

Using this Wiki, we hope to provide you with the tools and information to facilitate your smooth relocation to Japan. Please take your time in reviewing the materials and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy your new adventure here in Tokyo!

Important ContactsEdit

While you are preparing to arrive, feel free to contact any of the following Tokyo JET volunteers who are ready to support your move!

This sounds exciting! But also I'm freaking out. Where do I begin? Edit

Don't worry. It's a big change and it can absolutely be stressful but take comfort in the fact that several hundred JETs have made it through this process now -- you'll make it through, too! Next, please read the Entry Timeline page.

Video SeriesEdit

Also check out this Multi-part Video Panel from 2016-2017 JETs about the JET Program in Tokyo!