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This is an activity to teach and compare common hand gestures. It`s also a good way to talk about using body language for communication, even if you can't say what you want to in English.


Answer key:

  1. “It`s ok” or “Good”
  2. “I`m broke” or “That`s too expensive.”
  3. “Shame on you.”
  4. “Good job!” or “Hey, what`s up?”
  5. “Call me.” or “I`ll call you.”
  6. “I love you.”
  7. used when “ ” [quoting] something
  8. “Go away” or “Shoo!”
  9. “Hand it over.” or “Bring it on.”
  10. “Come here.”
  11. “No, no, no. That`s bad.” or “Don`t do that.”
  12. To say something/someone is “crazy.”
  13. “I don`t know.” or “ I`m confused.”
  14. “Rock on” or “Yeah! That`s cool!”


  1. Demonstrate the different gestures and have students write down what they think the meaning is.
  2. Reveal the meaning either one at a time, or go back through a second time. Some will be very obvious, and there are a few that might be completely new to students.
  3. Have students practice the short dialogues in pairs, using the hand gestures.


  • You can also split students into teams and award points to the ones who guess the meaning correctly.
  • Have students (or teams) give examples of hand gestures used in Japanese, and compare/ contrast them with the ones used in English.


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