Some of you may have appliances that come with a yellow and green cable. That is the Ground or Earth Cable アース線 Āsu-sen. Although some appliances may not actually need this connected in order for it to run, it is used as a safety precaution in case something has a short or if there is an electrical surge. Some but not all outlets should have an Earth Mark symbol (see right).

There are various ways to connect the cable, but none of them should get you electrocuted. You will most likely need a screwdriver to loosen the connection, place the cable in or between the openings you have just made, and tighten it into place. There is no need to put force into it, just tighten it enough so that the cable won’t pop out should it be tugged on.

Cable Tip TypesEdit

There are three general types of ground cable ends.

  1. Bare wire
  2. Hook (robot claw)
  3. Ring

Cable ConnectionsEdit

  1. A flap with a screw
  2. No flap with a screw
  3. Two prong holes
  4. Knob Screw

Tip for Bare Wire AttachmentEdit

If you are trying to attach it to a screw, bend the wire at an angle to make a hook and just hook it around the screw. You will be sure to make more metal on metal contact and it also helps prevent the wire from slipping out of place when you are tightening it.

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