Please DO NOT reach out to your successor until you receive the stated permission of your Contracting Organization. Instead (or in addition), consider writing some information and leaving it on/in your desk for your successor to read.

Helpful information to leave for your successorEdit

  1. Office/school schedule (breaks, cleaning, clubs, community center events, lunch, etc.)
  2. List of emergency and work phone numbers
  3. Notes on projects and team teaching, class levels, lesson plans, etc.
  4. Office/school seating chart, including names, job titles, responsibilities, etc.
  5. Your contact information after you leave JET (completely optional)

Optional Premade Information SheetEdit

JET Volunteers and the Information Committee have compiled an easy information sheet to print out and fill in and leave on your desk for the incoming JET. Please take the time to fill out as much as is relevant to you. Please be advised that CO contracts can change between JETs and current contracts will always take precedence over this form.