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Tokyo JETs often find themselves working out of textbooks far more often than traditional JETs. Trying to make the textbooks engaging and well-rounded can sometimes stretch our creativity to the limit. So please make use this category to share and collaborate on activities, lessons, and PowerPoints that are designed to supplement lessons from textbooks.

Lessons that can be adapted to any textbookEdit

Lessons for the Most Commonly Used TextbooksEdit

  • NOTE: Covers may not be representative of the specific publication your school uses.
  • NOTE: Volumes I, II, and III of the same series of textbook will all be categorized under the series title

Why isn't my textbook on this list?Edit

These textbooks represent the most commonly used textbooks in Tokyo according to a survey conducted in the JET Facebook Group. If you would like to request a certain textbook be added to the Wiki, please contact Information Committee.

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