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Demona Carrolltucky : Japanese Daily Life WizardEdit

  • DemonaCarrolltucky

    Here is a list of dandruff shampoos and conditioners. There are of course, a lot more brands out there, but here are some to help get you started. If there is one that you absolutely swear by and it is not on the list, please leave a comment.

    • Clear …

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  • DemonaCarrolltucky

    Tourist Call Center

    September 28, 2018 by DemonaCarrolltucky

    Tokyo Multilingual Call Center

    Are you getting a little lost in Tokyo. This free service provides basic information about transportation and sightseeing to tourists about the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

    • How to get to a train station
    • How to get to sightsee…

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  • DemonaCarrolltucky

    Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

    This is for anyone that needs to go to a clinic or hospital. This site provides you with a variety of forms clinics may have you fill out, prior to seeing your doctor. All forms are bilingual, so there is no mistake…

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Jpprales : Tips to Surviving as a Tokyo Private School Jet (2018) (Read the Introduction Here)Edit

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Rupert Manners : 165 days of Leaving JET -- (Read the Introduction Here)Edit

  • RupertManners

    Cancelling Services: 1) Get your phone. 1) Find bill slips for each service. 2) Circle the number below "moving" (お引っ越し) 3) Circle the "customer number" (お客さま番語) 4) Put the phone down and search for an internet site.

    If JLPT ever introduce a speaking…

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  • RupertManners

    The teachers around me are not bored, not yet. They are not even looking for things to do. Little tasks are left over from term-time, or thrown up by the small crowds of each club.

    One teacher has been working through mounds of forms for our foreign …

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  • RupertManners

    An interruption since my last post, but not a bad one: I’ve been compiling advice on changing one’s visa status. That guide should be finished in the next few days.

    My last full week at school X has arrived. I expect there won’t be a great deal to re…

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Kizzy B Happy to Help! : Edit

Kizzy Bannier picture
  • KizzyB

    The Seishun 18 allows 5 days(doesn't have to be consecutive days either!) of UNLIMITED travel on Local and Rapid JR trains throughout Japan from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south.

    Although the…

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  • KizzyB

    Changing up your coins

    November 27, 2018 by KizzyB

    If you`re like me and have been hoarding your spare change in Japan ( I`m talking about those 1 , 5 and 10 yens) then this post could be for you!

    I must confess in Japans cash society my collection amassed over the course of a year, I was too lazy to…

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